Don’t just prepare your accounts for compliance. Know how your business is performing and get insights about your company.

From transaction count-based bookkeeping services to fixed price accounting and SST related services, we provide outsourcing services to meet all your accounting needs. We also offer outsourced CFO services to provide you regular financial advice and reports. We can also help you get started quickly onto Xero.

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Get insights into your company's performance


You send us your documents and we maintain your chart of accounts and keep your books (income, expenses, bank receipts, payments, equity drawings or contributions) updated and reconcile your bank statement transactions.

This can be day-to-day bookkeeping by sending us softcopy documents (via email or uploaded into Xero or snap a photo on the mobile app) using Xero and Hubdoc. Or it could be bookkeeping at a fixed interval of your choice (monthly / quarterly / half-yearly / yearly) with the option of using your accounting software or our recommended accounting system – documents can be sent to us in softcopy (preferred) or hardcopy.

We can also help with bookkeeping catch up if your books have fallen behind.

How can my business benefit?

  • It is common that bookkeeping takes up a large proportion of your accounting staff’s time. Let us do the heavy lifting!
  • Let us ease the burden of hiring and retaining a bookkeeper/clerk for data entry and have the assurance that books are updated on-time and accurately.
  • On-time bookkeeping is the first step to achieving timely financial reports as you and your accountant can both access the relevant information sooner rather than later.
  • Bookkeeping services typically come hand-in-hand with our Accounts Finalization services to prepare financial statements and audit schedules.
  • Send your documents to us on time and we will get your books updated in a jiffy.
  • You only pay for what is necessary as our pricing is based on the number of debit/credit transactions.

Accounts Finalization

Besides recording your sales, purchasing and banking transactions (i.e. bookkeeping), we also provide qualified accountant resources to prepare the full set of financial statements and audit schedules at the intervals (monthly / quarterly / half-yearly / yearly) you require – aligned to how you want to monitor your business performance.

To produce financial reports, our team will perform the finalization entries such as fixed assets depreciation, accruals, prepayments, provisions, allowances, interest computation, project analysis and much more, depending on your company’s specific industry and business environment.

We also prepare the required audit schedules and assist to answer general (annual) audit queries.

How can my business benefit?

  • Avoid getting bogged down by period end closing and focus on your core business.
  • Minimize the costs of maintaining, training and retaining an accounting team, including getting updated on the latest changes in accounting standards.
  • Our pricing is based on a fixed price package, get access to qualified accounting professionals at a reasonable cost you can budget for.
  • By getting your financial reports prepared on a timely basis, you get to review your business performance faster to help you make the right decisions and stay competitive.
  • Get assistance from us to answer queries from your auditor.

Outsourced CFO

Not all SMEs require or have access to a CFO or FD (Finance Director) on a full time basis. You may be looking for someone to provide you regular financial advice, summarize your financial statements into the key critical points and provide you with jargon-free reports and trend analysis of the company’s performance. Or you may be setting up a new business or venturing into a new market. Or you may simply want supervision or guidance on top of your existing Accounting team.

RockAcc provides you access to a qualified financial professional that can function as a CFO or FD for your business on a periodic outsourced basis. This works best when you are using Xero (real-time accessible information) and preparing timely accounts.

Our flexible arrangement means we can have a cup of coffee (or tea) with you at the frequency of your choice to talk about your business.

How can my business benefit?

  • Like other outsourced services, you save costs by having an outsourced resource rather than hiring/retaining a full-time one.
  • Get access to the financial expertise you need – we are just an email or phone call away.
  • As a business owner, you should not run your business based on instinct or assumptions or only for statutory compliance reasons. Instead, review your financial performance and health periodically.
  • We can tailor the frequency of our meetings based on your requirements.
  • Build a long term relationship with a trusted advisor who is alongside you as your business grow and flourish.
  • Involve an experienced professional early on, even during the business planning stage to get an independent and objective review of your business plans.

SST Submissions

We help you to check and reconcile your tax coding, prepare summary and detailed reports and file your SST returns (sales tax or service tax) on time and accurately.

We can also assist you in the initial setup of your accounting system and tax code mapping to ensure you are SST compliant from the start.

How can my business benefit?

  • Enjoy a peace of mind that your SST returns are filed correctly and on-time, avoiding unnecessary penalties.
  • Be notified on the payment amount and due date for SST payments, with reconciling reports for your review.
  • Get access to qualified tax professionals with a fixed fee package.

Xero Setup and Migration

Whether you have just setup a new business and want to use Xero, or you are switching over from a manual/spreadsheet/desktop system, we provide hassle-free services to help you setup Xero, import required master data and migrate the relevant balances from your existing system.

We also provide you basic Xero training to get you started and provide 2 months post-setup support.

How can my business benefit?

  • Get help from certified Xero advisors so that your Xero journey starts off smooth and easy.
  • Don’t get stuck figuring out setup/migration issues on your own, the longer the implementation process, the more painful it is.
  • Get advice and tips on setup configuration that may benefit you in the future (e.g. if you are connecting to other cloud apps in the future) – you may not be able to see it now.
  • Be assured that the setup/migration process is managed with a structured plan and timeline to meet your goals and objectives.
  • Try Xero for free. See the other reasons why we love Xero.

Explore Other Services

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Cloud Apps Advisory

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