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We offer a broad range of HR and payroll services to lend a hand to companies of all types and sizes.

Seek our outsourcing team’s help to manage your monthly payroll. Or start using cloud applications to manage your employee information and much more. Go paperless and enable your employees to self-service. Or formalize your HR policies in compliance to Malaysia’s employment laws and regulations.

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Payroll Outsourcing

We manage your monthly payroll calculations and reporting, generate pay slips, prepare submissions (EPF/SOCSO/EIS/PCB/HRDF) to statutory agencies as well as prepare bank payment files. We can also perform statutory submissions and payroll payments on behalf.

Learn how you can link payroll calculations to your time reader devices and implement employee self-service processes (leave/claims/OT) with online/mobile approvals for an end-to-end paperless payroll process.

We also provide services, when required, to submit notifications to LHDN and other statutory bodies and to prepare annual forms (e.g. Form E, Form EA).

How can my business benefit?

  • Don’t invest time in a repetitive and administrative (but critical) cost centre. Free up time for you and your staff to run your business.
  • Pay only for what you use, we charge based on the number of employees.
  • Save the costs and hassle of retaining and training a payroll staff or team, as well as keeping abreast with the ever changing employment regulations.
  • Stay compliant and avoid unnecessary penalties.
  • Boost employee engagement by having a timely and accurate payroll process.
  • Keep private and confidential information away from your employees by engaging a trusted third party.

HR Solutions

Our HR Solutions team provide flexible and fit-for-purpose HR support to businesses of all sizes. There is no “standard” HR service, you tell us what you need help with and we tailor our services for you. These services include:

  • Reviewing and developing HR policies and procedures, as well as employee handbook(s)
  • Drafting employment contracts for various staff types/levels
  • Developing letter templates for probation, confirmation, disciplinary process, termination and other HR areas
  • Developing employee onboarding SOP and materials
  • Writing recruitment job descriptions and candidate evaluation criteria

How can my business benefit?

  • Don’t leave your company in a vulnerable position in the event of any disputes or misunderstandings if policies/contracts are not explicitly documented.
  • Flexibility: only outsource the HR functions that you need to.
  • Ensure that your company is fully complying with relevant employment / labour laws and regulations, avoiding costly litigation.
  • Documented HR policies and procedures help employees to understand how they should behave, how the firm should behave and how the relationship between the firm and the staff works.
  • Be transparent about employees’ rights and benefits by publishing employee handbooks.

Cloud HR and Payroll Solutions

Implement a proven, cloud-based, scalable and feature-rich HR and/or payroll solution to completely transform how you manage your company workforce. Besides payroll and employee data management, our recommended HR system allows you to run employee self-service modules such as leave, claims and overtime management.

Reduce manual data transfer by linking your time reader devices to the system and pushing payroll data to your ERP/financial system. Track employees’ GPS location by clocking in/out on a mobile phone.

How can my business benefit?

  • Keep all HR related data in a single source of truth. Avoid maintaining disparate systems with manual processes in between.
  • Access essential HR data anytime and from wherever you are (as long as you have internet connection) using browser or mobile app.
  • Small upfront cost, no installation required, updates are included as part of the subscription.
  • Reduce paper and cut down on the amount of manual and repetitive administrative duties.
  • With all HR information in one place, it is also easier to keep up to date with employment laws and keep your HR processes compliant.
  • Control user authorizations to display information on a need-to-know basis.

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Cloud Apps Advisory

Whether you are not sure how Xero and other cloud apps can help your business and how much automation can be achieved, or you already know what you want but need help to evaluate and select the right apps, we are here to help.

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