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Xero and other cloud applications are rapidly changing how businesses are run around the world.

You may be unsure how cloud apps can improve your business and which areas of your business can be automated. Or you already know which manual processes you want to eliminate, but you are seeking help to evaluate and select the right apps.

We strive to answer these questions for you.

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Cloud Apps Advisory and Implementation

Moving to Xero is only the beginning. The Xero app ecosystem contains a complete spectrum of cloud apps that connect to Xero seamlessly to support the specific business processes that are not covered by Xero accounting software.

Over time, you will find that you get to choose the best-of-breed apps, as there is stiff competition in almost every app category. New apps are coming thick and fast every day and getting reviewed by users all over the world. However, this presents an important question: Which app(s) should I choose for my company? Do I really need them?

The answer is not always simple, as each app has its own core focus and strengths – some operate in niche sectors, some are built specifically for selected business types, and each has varying free trial periods. Once you have decided on the app(s) you need, the next challenge arises: How to configure, test and deploy and train your team to ensure these apps are successfully integrated into your processes?

We also support businesses to implement cloud apps that offer ERP comparable functions such as inventory (with reordering/batch/serial control), procurement, supply chain management, sales, distribution (shipment, picking, packing) and production (BOM, assembly) in a single integrated solution.

How can my business benefit?

  • Increase the chances of a successful app deployment by following a structured implementation process:
    1. Requirements study
    2. Apps evaluation and recommendation (product demo)
    3. Develop and agree app stack and roadmap
    4. Process mapping and system design
    5. System configuration and template development
    6. Training and testing
    7. Go-live and ongoing support
  • Xero accounting data is only one part of your digital footprint, expand your digital transformation journey to other business functions to unlock profit and efficiency within your business.
  • Increase productivity because apps share information seamlessly with Xero, data entry is only done once.
  • Easily scale up operations and grow rapidly, because the technology does the heavy lifting.

Xero Setup and Migration

Whether you have just setup a new business and want to use Xero, or you are switching over from a manual/spreadsheet/desktop system, we provide hassle-free services to help you setup Xero, import required master data and migrate the relevant balances from your existing system.

We also provide you basic Xero training to get you started and provide 2 months post-setup support.

How can my business benefit?

  • Get help from certified Xero advisors so that your Xero journey starts off smooth and easy.
  • Don’t get stuck figuring out setup/migration issues on your own, the longer the implementation process, the more painful it is.
  • Get advice and tips on setup configuration that may benefit you in the future (e.g. if you are connecting to other cloud apps in the future) – you may not be able to see it now.
  • Be assured that the setup/migration process is managed with a structured plan and timeline to meet your goals and objectives.
  • Try Xero for free. See the other reasons why we love Xero.

Xero Support

We provide ongoing support services for Xero related questions – whether you are facing an issue or you require guidance to enter a complex transaction or you just want to get a quick burning question answered.

How can my business benefit?

  • Friendly and responsive Xero support by phone or email (Monday to Friday).

Xero Training

We provide classroom (on-site) or virtual Xero training for your team with standard, advanced or bespoke training curriculums.

How can my business benefit?

  • Unlock the full benefits and capabilities of the Xero accounting system.
  • Take a tailored course that suits your level of experience and familiarity. Choose a budget, timeframe and content programme that matches your company’s needs and preferences.
  • Get your team to be confident in using the system effectively.

Cloud HR and Payroll Solutions

Implement a proven, cloud-based, scalable and feature-rich HR and/or payroll solution to completely transform how you manage your company workforce. Besides payroll and employee data management, our recommended HR system allows you to run employee self-service modules such as leave, claims and overtime management.

Reduce manual data transfer by linking your time reader devices to the system and pushing payroll data to your ERP/financial system. Track employees’ GPS location by clocking in/out on a mobile phone.

How can my business benefit?

  • Keep all HR related data in a single source of truth. Avoid maintaining disparate systems with manual processes in between.
  • Access essential HR data anytime and from wherever you are (as long as you have internet connection) using browser or mobile app.
  • Small upfront cost, no installation required, updates are included as part of the subscription.
  • Reduce paper and cut down on the amount of manual and repetitive administrative duties.
  • With all HR information in one place, it is also easier to keep up to date with employment laws and keep your HR processes compliant.
  • Control user authorizations to display information on a need-to-know basis.

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Get insights about your company’s performance. We provide a spectrum of accounting outsourcing services to meet all your needs. We also offer outsourced CFO services to provide you regular financial advice and reports. Get started on Xero today.

HR & Payroll

Formalize your HR policies and outsource your monthly payroll. Transform how you manage your employees’ information, remuneration, documents and much more. Be transparent, go paperless and enable your employees to self-service.

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